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Cleaning your spray tents!

 Being a mobile artist, or if you use a tent in your studio:

You should clean your tent at the end of the week, or end of each day. Definitely have a spare or a couple to rotate through. 

I usually:

+ take my tents in my yard

+ hose them down, inside and outside

+ flip over to remove excess water inside

+ let air dry

+ wipe down with disinfectant wipes

+ wipe see through parts with glass cleaner

Don\’t have a yard? 

Self serve car wash! (just bring towels to wipe dry)

Can\’t get to the car wash?

Place tent folded in your bathtub in hot water with disinfection solution or cleaning products. Let sit, then drain tub. Watch opening and towel dry or let air dry. 

The more natural the products the better to help reduce breakdown of the tent material. 

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