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5 things to look for in your spray tan artist!

Imagine this, you\’re leaving for vacation.

You already got your hair done Monday, got your mani and pedi Tuesday, and already booked your wax and lash refill for Wednesday. Now it\’s Thursday and you leave tomorrow.


you look at yourself and see you\’re pale. 

You can\’t go to Miami without looking like you already been there for a week! (DUH!)

So now you\’re scrambling to see who can take you for a spray tan tonight! 

So when looking for a spray tan artist, here at the 5 things you should look for:

1. Availability

Do they have weekday and weekend availability? Are they open in morning, afternoon or night? 

2. Travel

Do you have to go to them? Are they coming to you? 

3. Upgrades

Are you able to choose different tanning techniques? Do they have the option to choose add ons?

4. Updated Social Media

Are they staying consistent with posting? Do they have pictures of clients on their feeds? Does the link in their bio actually work? Can you reach them on there? What about that cell and email they have listed?

5. Reviews

What are clients saying about their service? Has anyone been there recently? Do they look credible?

Once you find an artist that checks all your boxes, book that tan and get Miami ready!

We hope if you\’re in the Philly or in a nearby area, you\’ll be using us!

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