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How to time mobile appointments for tans!

How to time your mobile appointments,

Booking mobile appointments can be extremely tricky. You may have to go to one side of the city to the other. Maybe someone\’s cousin decided to see if they could get tanned while you\’re there. You might\’ve not given yourself enough time to pack before you left.

I personally book clients on the hour or give myself an hour for each client booked. Does the tan take the whole 60 mins? No. The whole spray tan service with the client takes about 15-20 mins from set up to take down. I assume I\’ll be back in by car by the next 5-10 mins. So I\’ll then be able to travel to my next client that is within a 30 minute radius.

PLEASE look at your schedule and address at least the day before so there\’s no surprises. Know how long it\’s going to take you. I\’m almost always 10 minutes early for appointments.

Don\’t be afraid to ask clients if they\’re open to moving their time. Try to book all your tans in one area around the same time. Make it easier on yourself.

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