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My Top 10 Favorite FREE apps to help with business!

 When running social media, we run into trouble finding apps that work, work well and are not costly. These are the ones I have found work best for me and are FREE! These will help guide you to creating great content, building structure and alleviating stress on yourself!

Canva – 

I use this app, Whether I\’m making a post with text, or inserting a picture – canva is my go to. It\’s so functional and user friendly. Once you get the hang of it, the possibilities are endless. There are tons of fonts, stickers and layouts. Whether you need an Instagram post or a flyer, this is a great app to have. I upgraded to pro since it allows me to use more stickers, but it\’s free version is decent. 

Calendly – 

I use this app to schedule zoom calls with students for spray tanning. It allows you to have one service option for free – example spray tan training 1 on 1. It allows the person to book a desired day and time and get\’s all the info you want from them. I like keeping this separate from my normal booking system since it has the zoom option. 

Wix –

I actually switched from a popular domain website builder to wix. Wix allows for so much creativity and very user friendly. A website is important because this where you want to lead your clients to find out more about you and your business. 

Square – 

The BEST service and booking system I\’ve used. Clients can easily book! It even holds card for cancellation policies for FREE! It even allows you to have an online store (weebly) within their free subscription. Looks very professional and easy to adjust/edit products and/or services. 

Mail chimp – 

You can export client info from your booking system or any crm, and import it into mail chimp. Create a campaign and send it out! I usually send out a weekly email. It may be specials, new service, new merch, updates or just saying hi! I like being able to see how many people opened and may of unsubscribed!

Instasize – 

 I love instasize!!! It\’s the app that allows that white border (or whatever border you want) around your picture. I use to resize my pictures so I\’m able to post it on Instagram. BUT I have notice IG allows you to expand your pic when you\’re in edit mode. If IG doesn\’t allow to full picture in the box, just upload it into instasize and choose square. They also have it to fit stories in case your pic is too wide. 

Mojo – 

Mojo is a great, free app that allows you to create bomb video content for your stories. There\’s different layouts, designs and transitions. I use it to promote products or show off services. You in import pictures or videos to be shown off. 

Videoshop –

My newest find! You. Can. Add. Videos. With. Music.  The end.

Jotforms – 

Free up to a certain amount of documents. I use it for my client intake form + spray tan checklist. 

  1. That way clients do this ahead of time and don\’t waste time at their appointment

  2. No contact needed

  3. Contractually signed and great for insurance purposes

  4. Clients know how to prep ahead of time and signed off on it

 Pinterest –

I can scroll on pinterest for hours. I love using this for inspiration and to get ideas for business, photoshoots, flat lays, and cute outfits lol. I prefer looking for something I have in mind here rather than google. It great for finding colors and ideas that fit your brand. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog! Let me know which app is your fav!

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