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It\’s your big day, your wedding day! In today\’s world, we understand the aggravation of having to find a new venue, new date, + cutting down your guest list. Many clients are planning it just to have the ceremony and then having something bigger in the future. This is a sacred moment between you, your spouse and your family. You want it to be perfect!

With all the worries when it comes to wedding planning, your spray tan is always the easiest part with us. 


When it comes to spray tanning for a wedding, we HIGHLY recommend a trial run. This trial is similar to how you would for hair and makeup. This is to ensure the perfect solution blend for your big day. This also allows you to see how it develops and how to take care of it. Our instructions are not your average tanning instructions. WE highly recommend you looking over the FAQS to be aware of whats needed to be done before and after your tan. 

The trial can booked anytime from now up until 2 weeks before the wedding. It has to be done at least two weeks before the wedding to ensure that when you are getting your wedding tan – all the old tan residue is completely off. We need a fresh, clear base anytime you spray tan. 


When booking for a wedding, if you have 3 or more people….book for a party! This allows a bigger savings. Each person will receive $10 off. 


Many times the bride gets sprayed, sometimes the groom will too. I highly recommend grooms getting sprayed so there\’s not a huge comparison in color when taking pictures. You don\’t want anyone looking too washed out. 

You can always tell what bridesmaid didn\’t get sprayed by us or no spray tan at all. So if bridesmaids get in on the appointment, they can save $$$ too!

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