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Why you can\’t shower before your tan!

 Hey Guys!

Brielle Camiolo here, the owner of Deity LLC mobile spray tan service. 

I know, you want to feel fresh and clean before a tan………………………..NO! DON\’T DO IT!

\”Why Brielle? Why can\’t I shower?\”

You can\’t shower right before because if we spray your skin immediately after, particular hot spots on your body are going to take in the solution more than cooler spots leaving clogged pores. Those pores keep the tan in until your next rinse and will either leave that spot looking lighter or uneven. I know personally because my chest will always dark spots that look like blackheads when I shower right before when I\’m in a rush.

We do carry PH which helps brings your body\’s PH to optimal spray tan level, but we have to make sure all the prep care is done properly! Unsure how to prep? Check out

So to avoid all of this, make sure to shower and exfoliation the night before and if you need to rinse the day of make sure its atleast 4 hours prior to your appointment. 

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